The'Association pour le Développement des Sciences et Techniques de l'Environnement (ASTE) is a society founded 1967.

 Our goals:
To create, contribute, promote by all means the progress and dissemination of sciences, technics, processes, realizations concerning the engineering, the measure and the simulation of all environmental agents and the environmental testing.

These tests apply to all materials and components which have to insure a function under a specific environment in very definite conditions of reliability and duration. This implies that at each stage of the design, the manufacturing and the process of putting into service the environment is taken care of, that appropriate testing is done and this under real or simulated environmental conditions.

 It concerns:

Scientists, engineers and technicians who are in charge of engineering, manufacturing, testing, quality, utilization and maintenance of a product. 

Designers, manufacturers, sales engineers and users of test equipments who are keen to produce testing possibilities more and more performing, precise and easy to use.
Testing laboratories, Teachers in universities, doctors, lawyers and persons involved in the definition of standards.

 Our actions:

Make designers and engineers aware of the stringend necessity to take into account the too often neglected or unknown effects of the environment.

ASTE speads widely informations concerning the analysis and simulation of environmental agents as well as the methods and testing equipments.

Participate to the progress of sciences and technics applying to the problems of environmental testing and simulation.

ASTE favours actively collaboration between its members in this field.

Progress in the knowledge concerning environment and manufacturing leads always to an evolution of standards.

ASTE supports the french and foreign societies in charge of standardization in its field of competence.

The rapid evolution of technics makes necessary to train engineers and technicians in charge of implementing new types of tests.

ASTE contribute in this field in organising specific training sessions.


ASTELAB 2021 - Journées des Essais et de la Simulation - du 30 juin au 2 juillet 2021 au Barp (33)

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Par son approche originale centrée «essais et simulation des environnements rencontrés par vos produits au cours de leur cycle de vie», la formation ASTE vous permet d’optimiser vos processus de mise en œuvre de produits,

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